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Zucchini Latkes

When zucchini’s are plentiful,  it’s time to make Zucchini Latkes as a side dish or Chocolate Zucchini Muffins for a snack.  The original Latke recipe has two parts zucchini to one part potato.  Tasty Yukon Gold potatoes with a 1:1 ratio works too.  For extra OOMPH, I add cayenne and chopped  jalapeno.  It’s nice to have roast garlic in olive oil on hand.  I  put extra garlic in the veggie mixture.  Then I brush the frying pan with the infused oil.   Fried food is a real treat once in a while.  See Comment below for a healthy shortcut.


Zucchini Latkes

If you have any leftovers, they go great with eggs the next morning.