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Pumpkin Harvest Pancakes

I love Hemp Hearts ! They’re a great nut substitute high in protein, Omega 3s and other essential fats and vitamins.

I stumbled across this Pumpkin Harvest Pancakes recipe on Adam Hart’s Power of Food website. Many of his recipes feature Hemp Hearts as he credits his new found wellness to this Super Food.

Check out Roger Snow’s Hemp Heart products on and send your order to

9 one pound tubs fit in their packages. $10 each plus shipping. I’m interested in trying the new fat reduced/high protein Hemp Heart Flakes, $11 a tub.

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Seed Lover’s Granola Bars

As a kid, I loved gooey Rice Krispie Squares !

Seed Lover's Granola Bar in silicone 8x8 pan

Seed Lover’s Granola Bar in silicone 8×8 pan

I adapted this recipe from the Alive magazine.

Well it’s not low fat or low cal but this bar is nutrient dense with 9 grams of Protein and rich in Magnesium.  All you need are Nut Butters, Puffed Millet and a variety of  Seeds.  They’re so addicting, I have to put them in the garage freezer for future lunch box rations.

All the ingredients for  SeedLoversGranolaBars may be found at  Bulk Barn or the bulk & natural food section at your local grocer.  If you don’t have Tahini, use Almond Butter & Peanut Butter.  If you don’t have natural Nut Butter, reduce the Honey.  If you find the Chocolate Chips & Raisins too sweet, try Chocolate Nibs and Frozen Cranberries.

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Fruit & Nut Bars and Holy Crap!

Fruit and Nut Bars and Holy Crap!

Fruit and Nut Bars and Holy Crap!

Holy Crap!   What’s that ? Folks from the Sunshine Coast pitched their new healthy cereals, Holy Crap! and Skinny B on the Dragons Den TV show.  Read all about it, hereHoly Crap! contains organic chia, hemp hearts, buckwheat, cranberries, raisins, apple bits and cinnamon.  The recipe only uses 2 Tbsp so you can make your own version of it or omit it altogether.  In fact, I found this recipe on the Gluten Free Expo site and they didn’t use it.  I suspect if you like a chewier, moister version you should include Holy Crap!  I reduced the Sugar and used frozen Cranberries instead of the dehydrated one. See my version in this PDF, Fruit & Nut Bars and Holy Crap!