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Gingerbread Pear Cobbler

GF Gigi's GF Gingerbread PearCobbler

GF Gigi’s GF Gingerbread Pear Cobbler

I like crunchy Pears.  My daughter likes soft ones.  My husband loves Molasses, especially robust Blackstrap Molasses.  We all love Gingerbread.   There’s something wondrous and comforting about Molasses, Cinnamon and Ginger.

I’m a big fan of Gluten Free Gigi.  You can try her Gingerbread Pear Cobbler using ‘s her GF Flour Blend.  It’s still my old Standby 90% of the time.   I only made a few minor adjustments.  I reduced the Sugar and added texture by adding Green Stevia and Candied Ginger.  Maybe next time I’ll try fresh grated Ginger for extra zing.  It worked well in this GF Pumpkin Pie.