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Korean Beef

MarinatingKoreanBeefMy friend and co-worker Stacy J gave me this Korean Beef recipe.  My family loves this sweet and spicy favourite, so as a treat, I no longer reduce the Brown Sugar/Honey.

Basically it’s 1 part Soy: Sugar: Water with Garlic, grated Onion, lots of Black Pepper and Sesame Seed Oil.

I’ve added Ginger, Cilantro and some heat.  Sometimes a shot of Fish Sauce.  Of course,  I sub out Soya Sauce with either San-J Organic Sodium-Reduced Tamari, Coconut Liquid Aminos or Bragg’s GF All Purpose Liquid Soy Seasoning.

Beef Short Ribs LA Cut You can buy the LA cut of Beef Short Ribs at Asian stores such as H-Mart or TNT Supermarket.  Beautiful marbling ! But if you’re on a budget like us, we use tough ol’ Blade Steak, a whole warehouse pack and use a whole mashed Kiwi.  Throw surplus Kiwi in the freezer for this purpose.   It’s got to be Green because a co-worker of mine used Yellow Kiwis and they’re still chewin’ on it ! No Kiwi on hand try Pineapple…some Koreans use grated Apple or Pear too.

Occasionally, I’ll strain and boil up the marinade, then thicken with Tapioca Starch Slurry.  If you’re not avoiding Corn like me, Cornstarch works better.


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Sweet and Sour Pork III

1000 folks tried Sweet and Sour Pork III on and I agree with their high rating.  There’s quite a few steps but it’s worth the effort.  To healthify it, I only use enough Oil in a PFOA-free pan to sear the Pork.   I add more colourful veggies and replace some of the Sugar with Erythritol and Green Stevia…no one was the wiser.

If you like umami, add a touch of Fish Sauce when seasoning the meat.  For more heat, add minced Jalapeno Pepper.

Serve over Chinese Rice Pilaf, garnish with toasted Sesame Seeds and Cilantro.

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Holy Guacamole !  Food Network’s Alton Brown of Good Eat’s fame has a really good recipe for Game Day !  Great with The Better Chip Beets and Sea Salt tortilla chips.  Spinach & Kale and Jalapeno are good choices too.

I didn’t change the recipe one iota.  But if you want to double or triple the recipe, just click on this guacamole link to download a PDF.

To prevent browning, use barely ripe Avocados and press saran wrap on the surface of the dip and seal around the edges.  The Good Eat’s Guy says to let it sit for 2 hours at room temperature before serving.  Good Luck with that, I’m diggin’ in.



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Curried Beef Stew


The original Curried Beef Stew is based on GLICO curry paste.  The revised GF version uses a heaping tablespoon each of Thailand’s Nam Jai Matsuman red and green curry paste.  Simply sear Beef cubes that have been dredged in seasoned Flour.  Then place it in a crock pot.  Saute vegetables, add curry paste, plus other curry seasonings on hand and deglaze the pan with a bit of stock.  Add a can of Coconut Milk to your mixture and pour over the Beef. Several hours later you’ve got tender morsels of comfort food.  Serve over Chinese Pilaf and garnish with Cilantro.

For chicken, you can sear or broil pieces with or without the skin. Simmer the stew in a frying pan or dutch oven for 30 minutes or until tender.

Note:  Full fat Coconut Milk is good for you, but can always use low fat versions.  Another option is to place cans of Coconut Milk in the fridge ahead of time.  You can reserve the creamy fat that rises to the top for New Roots Herbal’s Salted Caramel Frosted Brownies and use the de-fatted liquid for your stew.  Voila !


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Black Bean Chicken

Black Bean Drumsticks

Black Bean Drumsticks

Black Bean Chicken offers a really unique taste from a very simple marinade.   You can find these pungent, fermented Beans at oriental grocers or in the international section of your big chain stores.  Both brands below are under 4 bucks.  A little goes a long way.

Black Beans

Black Bean Drumsticks

You can go with the basics:  Chicken Legs, Black Beans, Tamari, Green Onions, Garlic & Ginger OR go all out and add Sesame Seed Oil, Fish Sauce, Cilantro, Citrus Zest and Heat – Jalapenos or Chili Flakes.