To share tasty, nutrient dense Gluten Free recipes, fitness & wellness tips and best prices for GF ingredients & healthy products in my locale.

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Nutella Frozen Yogurt

Who has time to roast Hazelnuts and rub the skins off ?!   Not me!  I chose Chocolate Covered Katie’s 2nd version of this frozen treat.  Just use Nutella or your Kirkland knock-off.

Tastes like a Fudgsicle.  Tried it with Hershey’s Cocoa first, then Dutch Cocoa the next time…didn’t notice any difference.

Hubby suggested I add Coffee to improve the flavour…so I filled up an ice cube tray with leftover Coffee.  Added 3-4 cubes…try Katie’s and Sean’s take on  Nutella Frozen Yogurt

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GF Chocolate Beer Cake

GF Chocolate Beer Cake

GF Chocolate Beer Cake

Unbelievable…this GF Chocolate Beer Cake is incredibly light…like Angel Food Cake. Just use Jule Shepard’s versatile GF Flour blend,  stir most of the ingredients in a pot and pour into a bundt pan.

To healthify, I replaced one of the two Cups of Sugar with 1/2 Cup NOW non-GMO Erythritol and 1/2 Tsp Green Stevia and no one was the wiser.  You can get Monk Fruit or Stevia Erythritol blends from the Bulk Barn.  Better deals can be had online from Swanson’s Vitamins.

What made me want to bake with beer ?    A helpful family member, “She, who cannot be named” accidentally put our GF Beer bottles in the upright freezer in the garage (we have a chest freezer too that added to the confusion). There were a few casualties but I just couldn’t bear chucking the rest.   I knew there was a Guinness Chocolate Cake recipe out there but I stumbled across this GF Knock-Off, thank you Jules!

I used a light GF Beer…now I need to track down a dark one and re-test this recipe.  Cheers !


Bailey’s Irish Cream

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This Baileys Irish Cream knock-off recipe is quick and easy to make. Simply use John Jamieson Irish Whiskey and six other ingredients.  Blend, filter and pour the liqueur into glass bottles with ceramic stoppers.  Then decorate the bottles with Christmas ribbons, bows and candy canes.  Share with family and friends.  Cheers !

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Seed Lover’s Granola Bars

As a kid, I loved gooey Rice Krispie Squares !

Seed Lover's Granola Bar in silicone 8x8 pan

Seed Lover’s Granola Bar in silicone 8×8 pan

I adapted this recipe from the Alive magazine.

Well it’s not low fat or low cal but this bar is nutrient dense with 9 grams of Protein and rich in Magnesium.  All you need are Nut Butters, Puffed Millet and a variety of  Seeds.  They’re so addicting, I have to put them in the garage freezer for future lunch box rations.

All the ingredients for  SeedLoversGranolaBars may be found at  Bulk Barn or the bulk & natural food section at your local grocer.  If you don’t have Tahini, use Almond Butter & Peanut Butter.  If you don’t have natural Nut Butter, reduce the Honey.  If you find the Chocolate Chips & Raisins too sweet, try Chocolate Nibs and Frozen Cranberries.

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GF Zucchini Brownies

GF Zucchini Brownies

GF Zucchini Brownies

Kathy Smart does a great job sneaking in veggies into her desserts.  Check out this moist, chocolatey GF Zucchini Brownies.  You can mix everything in the food processor.  But if you don’t like the noise or the clean up, grind up your Oats in the coffee grinder and mix up the batter by hand.  I reduced the Maple Syrup and Dark Chocolate, but you don’t have to!

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Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

Executive Chef Garrett Schack is a Bluenoser that moved out to Victoria, BC.  He showcases his talents on Yum TV.  Check out this cake, see if your family  can taste the secret ingredient.  When it was India hot, I put it in the fridge so it wouldn’t go bad.  This Gluten Free Chocolate Cake is more like a Brownie, I think it tastes even better COLD !  My husband likes it better than my teenager-preferred  Guilt-Free Brownies (chewy, moist and sweeter).

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UBC Ponderosa Cake

Long ago, a co-worker managed to finagle this recipe from a popular university eatery.  It’s great As Is. But this version is “gluten-freed”,  “healthified” and just as addictive!

Print this UBC Ponderosa Cake recipe and try both versions.    The original recipe calls for 2 Cups of White Sugar which is uber-sweet considering the excessive Chocolate Chips it calls for.  Half the amount in Dark Chocolate works. With 3 Cups really ripe Bananas, Green Stevia and Coconut or Brown Sugar, I can keep my family’s Sweet Tooth satisfied.  I use 1 Tsp Green Stevia plus 1/4 Cup Brown Sugar instead…for this recipe it’s still enough.

You can order Organic Traditions Green Stevia from or  Suede Hills.    It’s expensive but a little goes a long way.  I bought 100 grams from the local health food store for $8.50.  For convenience sake, I still use the SweetLeaf Stevia packets in my tea, but you wonder what they do to make the Stevia WHITE…save that thought for another RANT !