To share tasty, nutrient dense Gluten Free recipes, fitness & wellness tips and best prices for GF ingredients & healthy products in my locale.


Korean Hamburgers with Pickled Radishes, Onion and Miso Mayonnaise from Lisa’s Panning the Globe site.  It’s sweet like Teriyaki but with more complex flavours.

Gluten Free Asian Beef Burger with Tomato Garlic Jam from Living Without’s Gluten Free and More Oct/Nov 2013 Magazine.  If you like Peking Duck, you may like this Chinese Five Spice flavoured burger.

Curried Beef Stew, this  comfort food is based on GLICO curry paste, your own heat add-ons and tempered with Coconut Milk.  Several hours in a crock pot for beef or 30 minutes in a frying pan for Chicken Legs.


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