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Hamburger-Sandwich Buns

Yikes the Umami Burgers are almost ready and you thought you had time to make gfJules Hamburger Buns or Rebecca’s GF Buttermilk HB Buns, but you don’t…no need to panic ! These Yeast-Free Keto Buns are ready in 15 minutes.

You probably have these main ingredients on hand:  Parmesan & Psyllium Husk Powder, Almond Flour.  You can find the recipe at Ginny’s Low Carb Kitchen or look at my Hamburger-Sandwich Buns recipe, I’ve added another column to make a double batch.  This recipe makes 4 skinny buns that are hard to slice in half because I used a Wilton mini-spring form pan.    If you have a Muffin Top pan  you should be good to go !

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Sweet Potato Paleo Crackers


I was looking for a cracker that was Gluten Free, didn’t contain Corn and tastes great but wouldn’t set me back 10 bucks if I ate a big box of   RW Garcia Sweet Potato Crackers

Luckily I found Sarah’s recipe.  I replaced the Garlic Salt with Roasted Garlic and added Nutritional Yeast and spices.  Click on this Sweet Potato Paleo Crackers PDF to see the tweaks and the measurements for double and triple recipes.

You can roll out the dough on parchment paper and  transfer to a cookie sheet.  I have tried it the lazy way and rolled directly on my large rectangular pizza stone. I cut it with a pizza cutter, pierced with a fork.  The dough is not as thin as it should be  so I had to flip them over to make sure I got a crispy result.

Here’s a link explaining the difference between Yams and Sweet Potatoes…it’s confusing.  But I have successfully used Sweet Potatoes, Yams and Kabocha Squash separately or in tandem with great results. They’re more nutritious than Potatoes but nonetheless  starchy veggies so try not to rack up your Carb Count.


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Coconut Flour Tortillas

Pliable Coconut Flour Tortilla

Coconut Mama’s Coconut Flour Tortilla

Coconut Mama’s recipe moniker is a bit misleading, but these Coconut Flour Tortillas are fantastic for Burritos and Sandwich Wraps.   It’s so easy to make these tasty & pliable Tortillas. I’m holding one, ready to fill it with Chicken Salad,  Fajita or Taco Mix.  You can add Vanilla to this versatile batter to make Dessert Crepes too.

Tiffany makes 8″ Tortillas, cooking both sides till golden brown.  I ladle enough batter to cover a 9″ crepe pan on medium heat.  I  cook them just long enough so I can flip them, then lower the heat to finish the other side.  Both sides are light with toasted Flax Seed Meal flecks.

Cool on wire racks and separate the Tortillas with wax paper or parchment paper.  If you don’t use them all, place them in a bag or container in the fridge.

Coconut Flour Tortillas

I added another column in the Coconut Flour Tortillas PDF if you want to start with half a recipe.


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GF Yorkshire Pudding

GF1YorkieJamie Oliver’s recipe piqued my interest as it had two types of Rice Flour and special ingredient, Pectin.  I found GF Yorkshire Pudding a great gluten free replacement for the old Joy of Cooking standby.   I’ve great big Yorkies using a large muffin tin, but for that WOW Factor, I used this Chicago Metallic Professional 6 Cup Popover Pan with Armor-Glide Coating.

If it gets hectic in the kitchen and can’t be bothered to turn down the oven twice as Jamie suggests, setting the Yorkies at 450 degrees for 20 minutes works as long as the oil is smokin’ hot when you start.



  • Make the batter a day in advance, otherwise, several hours in advance.
    • Check out the Science of Yorkies complete with the Why and the Pictures of the baking results using different types of milk, batter temperatures etc.
  • Heat the Oil for 5 minutes before you add the batter.  It should bubble up…if not, you may have to increase the baking time
  • Pierce the Yorkies with a toothpick if you cannot serve them right away.  It lets the steam escape without collapsing.
  • Use your choice of Milk, Unsweetened Almond Milk or Coconut Milk





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Buttermilk Cornbread with Jalapeno Peppers and Corn

Corn is my FAV Funky Food but sometimes you have to give yourself a treat.  My daughter Selena loves moist Cornbread so I replaced the Kernel Corn with Creamed Corn.  I like the heat so I use Jalapenos or Serrano Peppers.  I really like lots of Celery in a Cornbread Stuffing recipe I tried, so I added finely chopped Celery, Red and Green Peppers in Buttermilk Cornbread with Jalapeno Peppers and CornJalapeno Cornbread.

The original recipe calls for a 9×9″ pan at 400 degrees but I’ve had success with a parchment lined ceramic baking dish at 350.

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Pumpkin Harvest Pancakes

I love Hemp Hearts ! They’re a great nut substitute high in protein, Omega 3s and other essential fats and vitamins.

I stumbled across this Pumpkin Harvest Pancakes recipe on Adam Hart’s Power of Food website. Many of his recipes feature Hemp Hearts as he credits his new found wellness to this Super Food.

Check out Roger Snow’s Hemp Heart products on and send your order to

9 one pound tubs fit in their packages. $10 each plus shipping. I’m interested in trying the new fat reduced/high protein Hemp Heart Flakes, $11 a tub.

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Gingerbread Pear Cobbler

GF Gigi's GF Gingerbread PearCobbler

GF Gigi’s GF Gingerbread Pear Cobbler

I like crunchy Pears.  My daughter likes soft ones.  My husband loves Molasses, especially robust Blackstrap Molasses.  We all love Gingerbread.   There’s something wondrous and comforting about Molasses, Cinnamon and Ginger.

I’m a big fan of Gluten Free Gigi.  You can try her Gingerbread Pear Cobbler using ‘s her GF Flour Blend.  It’s still my old Standby 90% of the time.   I only made a few minor adjustments.  I reduced the Sugar and added texture by adding Green Stevia and Candied Ginger.  Maybe next time I’ll try fresh grated Ginger for extra zing.  It worked well in this GF Pumpkin Pie.

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Golden Butternut Squash and Wild Blueberry Pancakes

Gem Squash

Gem Squash

I used to hate anything green when I was a kid.  Now, I’m all over vegetables.  I’ve only introduced myself to a variety of  squashes recently. I love Kobucha the best.  I roast wedges with garlic oil, pepper medley, rosemary and a drizzle of maple syrup.  So good I even eat the rind !

The last time I was at the Kamloops Farmers Market I picked up two small Kobucha and Gem Squashes. Both were green and speckled but the Gem Squash had a lighter, wetter flesh similar to zucchini.  I wanted to put my cooked Gem Squash leftovers to good use.  I found Gluten Free Gigi’s Golden Butternut Squash and Wild Blueberry Pancakes  recipe.  I  increased the squash to 1 Cup.   I misread the recipe and included the Coconut Oil in the batter plus threw in the extra yolk on hand .  I usually have light Blueberry Cottage Cheese Pancakes daily, so I used frozen Raspberries instead of Blueberries to change things up.  This forgiving recipe worked out well…my teenager even ate 2 without complaint !

Golden Butternut Squash Pancakes

Golden Butternut Squash Pancakes

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Teff Waffles or Pancakes With Carmelized Bananas

Teff Waffles or Pancakes with Caramelized Bananas

Source: Whole New Mom  Adrienne adapted a recipe found in Whole Grains, Every Way, Every Day  by Lorna Sass.

Fire up the waffle iron for a special sweet treat on the weekend. Teff Flour is one of my favourite nutrient-dense, gluten-free flours.   If you make a double batch, you can have them during the week days too.  Make the waffles slightly under done, freeze them,  then pop them in the toaster as needed.