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Chinese Rice Pilaf


Chinese Rice Pilaf  and Black Bean Chicken was a HIT at a recent Pot Luck.  This one’s for you Marilyn !

The typical steamed Rice:Water  ratio is 2:1.  Pilaf is sautéed aromatic vegetables, garlic, a clove spiked bayleaf, seasonings and 1 1/2 parts Chicken Stock to 1 part Brown Basmati.  To avoid crunchy rice, I let this mixture sit for an hour.  My Korean friend Megan would freeze washed rice in zip lock bags as a shortcut.

What makes this Chinese ?  Sweet and savory Chinese Pork Sausages and Shiitake Mushrooms.  You can buy these ingredients at SuperStore, TNT or any Asian grocery store.

Chinese Pork Sausage

Chinese Pork Sausage

When my grandmother stuffed a Turkey, she would add Sausage, Mushrooms plus rehydrate dried Scallops and a wee bit of Shrimp to Glutinous Sticky Rice. Very yummy and fattening…my Father-in-Law would refer to it’s consistency as “Mud Ball”, no resemblance to Uncle Ben’s…



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