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Chinese Rice Pilaf


Chinese Rice Pilaf  and Black Bean Chicken was a HIT at a recent Pot Luck.  This one’s for you Marilyn !

The conventional Steam Rice cooking ratio is 2:1, Rice:Water.  Pilaf is sautéed aromatic vegetables, garlic, a clove spiked bay leaf, seasonings and 1 1/2 parts Chicken Stock to 1 part Rice.  To avoid crunchy rice, I let this mixture sit for an hour especially if your rice mixture includes Brown Basmatic or Wild Rice.  My Korean friend Megan would wash rice, then freeze it in zip lock bags as a shortcut.



What makes this Chinese?

Sweet and savory Chinese Pork Sausages and Shiitake Mushrooms.

You can buy these ingredients at Super Store, TNT or any Asian grocery store.  Most have the dreaded MSG, some have wheat so check the labels.

Chinese Pork Sausage

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