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UBC Ponderosa Cake

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Long ago, a co-worker managed to finagle this recipe from a popular university eatery.  It’s great As Is. But this version is “gluten-freed”,  “healthified” and just as addictive!

Print this UBC Ponderosa Cake recipe and try both versions.    The original recipe calls for 2 Cups of White Sugar which is uber-sweet considering the excessive Chocolate Chips it calls for.  With really ripe Bananas, Green Stevia and Coconut or Brown Sugar, I can keep my family’s Sweet Tooth satisfied.  I use 1 Tsp  Green Stevia plus 1/4 Cup Brown Sugar to replace 1 Cup of White Sugar in my baking. For this recipe it’s still enough.

You can order Green Stevia from or  Suede Hills.    It’s expensive but a little goes a long way.  I bought 100 grams from the local health food store for $8.50.  For convenience sake, I still use the Stevia packets in my tea, but you wonder what they do to make the Stevia WHITE…save that thought for another RANT !

One thought on “UBC Ponderosa Cake

  1. Further de-sugaring: Tried 1/4 Cup Erythritol instead of Brown/Coconut Sugar in the batter…it works. Can get away with using a single 100 gram Dark Chocolate Bar too…as long as you use really ripe Bananas, it’s sweet enough.

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