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Chipotle Mayo

Originally, we bought President’s Choice Chipotle Dressing to slather on my husband’s capicollo-egg-cheese breakfast sandwiches. They always ran out, then later we stopped shopping at Super Store.  I cobbled together a knock-off Chipotle Mayo recipe based on some ideas found in Carol Fenster’s cookbook.

I like this dressing on my grass-fed mushroom burgers with coconut oil, avocado and roasted red peppers on a GF toasted bun.  During BBQ time, I double the recipe and fill up squeeze bottles.   Makes for quick and easy dispensing and less clean up. 

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Spicy Sweet Potato Dip

I found this recipe in the Metro newspaper.  It’s a tasty, healthy veggie dip.  You can make it “As Is” or substitute half of the Sweet Potato with Kabocha.  Kabocha aka Butter Cup Squash is one of my FAVEs.  It looks like a green pumpkin.  It’s has orange flesh and a rich flavour.    Sushi restaurants include it in their Vegetable Tempura. I cut it in half or in wedges and roast it in the oven with Olive or Coconut Oil, Pepper Medley, Rosemary, Himalayan Sea Salt and sometimes drizzle it with Maple Syrup.  It’s so good I even eat the rind !  Roasting carmelizes the natural sugars.  Chipotle and Cumin gives it a bit of heat.  Great with sugar peas and other crunchy crudités.

Try it, you’ll like it.  Spicy Sweet Potato Dip