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gfJules Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns

Rebecca’s Buttermilk HB Buns has a biscuit like texture. It was our Standby to toast up for burgers or to sop up stew. But then I tried another recipe…

Well move over Rebecca, I think Jules Shepard’s Gluten Free Hamburger Buns are more like the White Spot HB Buns we love…soft, light and a tad sweet.  Excellent with Umami! Burgers.

Didn’t need oil or egg wash to make a nice crust as I had it on 375 instead of 350 convection.

The recipe makes 8 plus buns depending on what kind of equipment you’re using. You can use English Muffin tins, salmon tins, Mason jar lids, bun pans etc. Since I only have 6 Wilton mini spring-form pans, I slice each bun into thirds. Click on this gfJules GF Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns link for the PDF.  If you didn’t buy gfJules’ All Purpose Gluten Free Flour mix, simply make your own, here’s the Jules GF Flour Blend recipe

6 Extra Large HB Buns using Wilton mini springform pans



Hamburger-Sandwich Buns

Yikes the Umami Burgers are almost ready and you thought you had time to make gfJules Hamburger Buns or Rebecca’s GF Buttermilk HB Buns, but you don’t…no need to panic ! These Yeast-Free Keto Buns are ready in 15 minutes.

You probably have these main ingredients on hand:  Parmesan & Psyllium Husk Powder, Almond Flour.  You can find the recipe at Ginny’s Low Carb Kitchen or look at my Hamburger-Sandwich Buns recipe, I’ve added another column to make a double batch.  This recipe makes 4 skinny buns that are hard to slice in half because I used a Wilton mini-spring form pan.    If you have a Muffin Top pan  you should be good to go !

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Korean Beef

MarinatingKoreanBeefMy friend and co-worker Stacy J gave me this Korean Beef recipe.  My family loves this sweet and spicy favourite, so as a treat, I no longer reduce the Brown Sugar/Honey.

Basically it’s 1 part Soy: Sugar: Water with Garlic, grated Onion, lots of Black Pepper and Sesame Seed Oil.

I’ve added Ginger, Cilantro and some heat.  Sometimes a shot of Fish Sauce.  Of course,  I sub out Soya Sauce with either San-J Organic Sodium-Reduced Tamari, Coconut Liquid Aminos or Bragg’s GF All Purpose Liquid Soy Seasoning.

Beef Short Ribs LA Cut You can buy the LA cut of Beef Short Ribs at Asian stores such as H-Mart or TNT Supermarket.  Beautiful marbling ! But if you’re on a budget like us, we use tough ol’ Blade Steak, a whole warehouse pack and use a whole mashed Kiwi.  Throw surplus Kiwi in the freezer for this purpose.   It’s got to be Green because a co-worker of mine used Yellow Kiwis and they’re still chewin’ on it ! No Kiwi on hand try Pineapple…some Koreans use grated Apple or Pear too.

Occasionally, I’ll strain and boil up the marinade, then thicken with Tapioca Starch Slurry.  If you’re not avoiding Corn like me, Cornstarch works better.


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Sean’s Spaghetti Sauce


Sean started making this family favorite soon after he moved into my Richmond condo.  They’re both Keepers…we eloped a couple years later in 1994.

We have fond memories of us and another newlywed couple watching the Canucks vs. the Bruins in the Stanley Cup final during our St. Kitts honeymoon. Too bad the other bride wasn’t a hockey fan !  

I’ve made some minor tweaks to this easy recipe.  I add Hot Peppers on hand and skip the Cheddar. I don’t like the orange colour or the extra fat. Sean’s Spaghetti Sauce is easily used for Lasagna, just add extra Italian Seasonings, a bit of ground Fennel and chopped Sausage.  Layer your Lasagna pan with sauce, GF bake ready lasagna noodles, sauce, cottage/ricotta cheese mixture containing pesto sauce and egg, grated Mozzarella and repeat a few more times.  Top with homemade Béchamel sauce or GF Alfredo sauce.  Top with more grated cheese and parmesan.  Bake at 350 for 45-60 minutes.

Simply turn out a great Chili by making Sean’s Spaghetti Sauce.  Then add 2-3 Tbsp Chili Powder, 1 can of drained and rinsed Red Kidney Beans, Mixed Beans and/or Brown Beans, 1-2 Tsp Cocoa and more chopped Hot Peppers.

To make this recipe even better…use fresh ORGANIC GARLIC !  It’s a difference-maker.


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Umami Burgers with Pickled Radishes and Miso Mayonnaise


Tired of the same old, same old hamburger ?  I’ve merged these two recipes to make our Go To Burger, Umami Burgers

Korean BBQ Hamburgers with Pickled Radishes and Miso Mayonnaise (PDF) plus the Shiitake Mushrooms, Cilantro, Chinese Five Spice found in the Gluten-Free Asian Beef Burger with Tomato-Garlic Jam (PDF) then added a bit of heat and a dash of Fish Sauce, UMAMI! Note there is no MSG.  These are great on gfJules Hamburger Buns or Rebecca’s GF  Buttermilk HB Buns.  No time to proof yeast raised buns ?  Try these GF Hamburger-Sandwich Buns

Short Cuts:  I love burgers and have them for lunch whenever there aren’t any leftovers to eat. When I’m in a hurry, I grab a grass-fed beef patty from the freezer, quickly sear then top with some carmelized balsamic onions and sautéed mushrooms.  I split a GF Potato HB Bun (from the Healthy Monkey Cafe) and dress with unsalted butter, Chipotle Dressing*, Miso Mayo* and Dalla Terra Mediterranean Antipasto.  Pop it in the oven until warm and crispy. Place the patty and vegetables on the bun, garnish with sliced avocado and carmelized red pepper.  My version of a Triple-O burger.

*For quick plating, I pour the homemade condiments in a squeeze bottle.  Make small amounts as it gets runny in the fridge.  No time to measure ? just spread Miso Paste sparingly on the bun and squirt some Sriracha on top, mayo and hot dog relish on the other side.

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Mango Coconut Frozen Yogurt

Ever buy a case of Mangoes and have them all ripen at the same time ? I process them to make Mango Custard, flavour my Kombucha or just freeze it.  When I have 3 Cups on hand, I make Mango Coconut Frozen Yogurt.  If you’re a bit short, some fresh Pineapple can pick up the slack.  This was the best of the 4 FroYos on the Buzzfeed Mexico page.

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Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

Strawberry Froyo

Many recipes use Bananas as a natural sweetener but I just find it overwhelms the flavour of any FroYo, especially the berry ones.

I was happy to find Gemma Stafford’s Strawberry Frozen Yogurt recipe, no ice cream maker required. If you’re short on Strawberries, let Raspberries pick up the slack.

If you loved it, click on my Strawberry Frozen Yogurt PDF to see both single & double batch amounts.